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Friday, 5 May 2017

Cosmopolis: Rpattz, from Kstew to Jstew to Dcron

The other night on The Daily Show, for his first TV interview since the epochal revelation that his girlfriend had cheated on him with her director, Robert Pattinson sat across from Jon Stewart, each digging into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream like two high-school girls on a heartbreak binge. The movieland romance of Rpattz and Kstew might be history — or might not, since the subject was never baldly broached — but a famous fella could still get consolation from a stranger.

That eight-minute exchange was likely watched by more people than will ever see Cosmopolis, the film in which Pattinson tries to stretch beyond the unblocked proxy Twilight parameters to be considered a daring, serious actor. The Daily Show interview certainly contained more suspense (will Jon Stewart say the name Kristen Stewart?) and emotional connection than anything in the David Cronenberg film of Don DeLillo’s apocalyptic, prophetic, satirical novel about a day in the life of Eric Packer, the 28-year-old money-manipulating billionaire played by Pattinson.

“You have to die,” says an agitated little man pointing a gun at Packer, “for how you think and act. For your apartment and what you paid for it. For your daily medical checkups. This alone. Medical checkups every day. For how much you had and how much you lost, equally. No less for losing it than making it. For the limousine that displaces air that people need to breathe in Bangladesh. This alone.”

It sounds like the dream rant of some splinter protestor from the Occupy Wall Street peacenik commune in 2011-12. It’s actually the prosecutorial summation of one Benno Levin, a disgruntled ex-employee of Packer’s, in DeLillo’s 2003 book unblocked games 333. The righteous, possibly impotent rage that coursed through the Occupiers and millions of other Americans in the last three years of economic polarity had bubbled in Benno’s blood long before. (The story is set in April 2000, the time when the tech bubble burst.)

A movie version of DeLillo’s autopsy of capitalist excess, as adapted and directed by Canada’s master of all things gruesome, ought to have the sting of some contemporary headline about the billions gambled and lost by sharpies on Wall Street and in investment banks around the world. Instead, this vapid, claustrophobic drama proves nothing but the wayward attempt of Twilight’s demon lover to trade in his vampire fangs for a plutocrat’s snarl.

At this May’s Cannes Film Festival, where Cosmopolis had its world premiere, Cronenberg anticipated that journalists would ignore Pattinson’s Eric to concentrate on his Edward, remarking, “It’s very easy to say this movie is about a vampire or werewolf of Wall Street or blood-sucking capitalism — but it’s not.” Pattinson, who always seems either nervous or bored in interviews, added, “Maybe I’m just a depressive, but I feel the world needs to be washed and cleaned every once in a while.”

He must have meant a car wash. The story of a rich man’s day-long crosstown-Manhattan odyssey for no greater purpose than to get a haircut, Cosmopolis keeps the viewer seat-belted across from Packer in the back of his stretch limo. A king on his motorized throne, he receives visits from various courtiers in his employ — his financial advisor (Samantha Morton), his art dealer (Juliette Binoche) and a couple of whiz kids — while he endures a proctology exam and traffic is slowed to a crawl for a Presidential visit and a proto-Occupy demonstration. His driver (Kevin Durand) has also warned him that someone is out to kill him. That would be Benno.

In his early flowering in the mid-’70s, Cronenberg created and directed nightmare scenarios of ordinary people getting infected by a malignancy as invisible and pervasive as the most swinish flu virus. In They Came from Within, it was a small, snouty bug, transmitted from mouth to mouth during sex. In Rabid it was a bloodsucking organ that sprouts from the carrier’s armpit. In The Brood and Scanners it was the mind itself, splitting the nuclear family and precipitating a psychic apocalypse. His masterpiece, a 1986 remake of the ’50s horror film The Fly, cast Jeff Goldblum as a scientist both fascinated and repelled by his gradual transformation into a giant uggy insect. Poignant, profound and sad-funny, The Fly certified Cronenberg’s status as the cinema’s premier poet of emotional and corporal degeneration.

Since then, except for a larkish adaptation of William S. Burroughs’ Naked Lunch, and the schizo scherzo Spider, both crawling with outlandish hallucinations, the Cronenberg oeuvre has had a lower startle quotient. Now a director of other people’s stories (no film from his own original script since the 1999 eXistenZ), he can manage a property with sick snap (A History of Violence, Eastern Promises) or a lush neuroticism (A Dangerous Method).

I’d gladly accept either of those approaches to the airlessness of Cosmopolis. Undoubtedly tantalized by the challenge of shooting most of a movie on a “set” no larger than a Munchkin’s prison cell, Cronenberg is further cramped by the character of Eric Packer, who might be a rapacious young corporate type out of Bret Easton Ellis’s novel American Psycho. The difference is that Psycho’s Patrick Bateman killed and mutilated people (or imagined he did). Packer just waits for the world to come to him, or for his world to end.

Hannah Arendt cauterized Nazism as “the banality of evil”; Packer must represent the blandness of ultimate power. Coiled and mostly inert, he evinces none of the go-getter energy of Wall Street tykes on the make. Maybe he welcomes the death promised by Benno (Paul Giamatti) — in a 22-minute final act that includes most of the speech I quoted at the beginning but has no propulsive power or threat of its own.

Pattinson doesn’t help. Arguably the most passive actor in the history of movie dreamboats, he gives an unmodulated performance with little hint of a man growing or, for that matter, wilting. He’s a handsome mannequin dressed to kill but not destined to come alive. And though Pattinson gets credit for wanting to work with Cronenberg on the film (after Colin Farrell dropped out), he neither overcomes his lover-boy image nor infuses Packer with the saturnine charm of his signature role.

Instead of running alongside the limo, as Packer’s toadies figuratively do, I felt like a prisoner who had glumly noticed the back door’s unlock buttons were controlled by the driver. You risk your life, Mr. Packer, for a haircut at John Edwards prices. I’ll get mine at the Barber College for six bucks. Or better yet, I’ll drown my own disappointment in a tub of Ben & Jerry’s. Just, please, let me out!

Thursday, 7 January 2016

'F**king kill me': Kristen Stewart says split from Robert Pattinson was still 'incredibly painful' two years after her affair with Rupert Sanders

She may have been the cause, but she certainly felt the effect.

Kristen Stewart has admitted her break-up with Robert Pattinson was still 'incredibly painful' two years after after her affair that caused it.

Speaking to the Daily Beast about filming her new love story with Nicholas Hoult, the 25-year-old said she drew on the still raw emotions of the split that happened back in July 2012.

Open wound: Kristen Stewart has admitted her break-up with Robert Pattinson was still 'incredibly painful' two years after after her affair that caused it

'It was incredibly painful,' she said. 'Ugh, f**king kill me.'

In Equals, Stewart and Hoult fall in love in a future where emotions are outlawed.

Filming began in August 2014, after both actors had been through high profile break-ups, because of which Stewart claimed it was 'a really good time for both of us to make this movie'.

But while the X-Men star's split from Jennifer Lawrence had come that same month, Stewart's public apology to Pattinson after being photographed cosying up to Snow White And The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders had played out 25 months earlier.

Experience: Speaking about filming Equals, her new love story with Nicholas Hoult, the 25-year-old said she drew on the still raw emotions of the split that happened back in July 2012

'Not all of my friends have been through what I've been through,' Stewart claimed. 'Everything that we did was explorative, and a meditation on what we already knew.

'We all felt akin by how much we've been through, and to utilize that is so scary,' she continued. 'And to acknowledge it, reassess, and jump back into it? Usually you want to move on. But at least we could use some of that for some good.'

The actress claimed that her romantic arc with Hoult in the sci-fi romantic drama should serve to remind people who have been through heartbreak that it is possible to love again.

Timeline: While the X-Men star's split from Jennifer Lawrence had come that same month, Stewart's public apology to Pattinson after being photographed cosying up to Snow White And The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders had played out 25 months earlier.

'If you've been hurt—you know when you've broken up with someone and you look at someone walking down the street holding hands and think, "Ugh, give it a f**kin' year. Let me know how you feel in a year, ugh, I don't' believe in that".

'Well if we did our jobs right, then it would be to remind you that you can definitely get back to that, and how hard, amazing, and life-fulfilling those feelings were in the very beginning.'

Despite still suffering emotional pain two years on, the Twilight star said she would never take medication to deal with it, and said she finds the concept of antidepressants 'bizarre'.

'As far as we know, you have one shot at this and it can be so f**king beautiful, so why lessen the feeling of anything?' she said. 'Why numb yourself? I'm not on antidepressants. I think it's bizarre.'

Been there: The Twilight star said she and Hoult 'felt akin by how much we've been through'

She also revealed she had her first kiss when she was 14 and it was 'repulsive'.

'It was horrible! It was so bad. It was f**king repulsive. I was 14 and it was gross. It was not good,' she laughed.

'But the first time something in you opens up and affects your entire body and has this control over you, it's scary because there's this chemical that's released that you become addicted to. It literally feels like you don't have free will anymore. I know that f**king feeling.'

Scandal: Kristen infamously had an affair with her married Snow White And The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. He has since divorced from Liberty Ross (who he is pictured with in 2012)

Stewart also said said she felt 'really bad' for Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who denied a same-sex couple their marriage license, was sent to jail and was then released.

'Honestly, it makes me so deeply uncomfortable. I feel really bad for her,' she said. 'Anyone who's so closed off to things that are so apparent? Imagine what else she's missing out on in life.

'I'm not making any grand statements about her personally, but if something so glaringly obvious... That fear of the unknown cripples people, breeds hate, and it's just very sad.'

What doesnt kill you: The actress claimed that her romantic arc with Hoult - who split from his X-Men co star in August last year - should serve to remind people who have been through heartbreak that it is possible to love again

Robert Pattinson's Dior deal has 'profound' effect: He moisturizes

Robert Pattinson's rough-around-the edges image is slowly dissipating. And we can be grateful to luxury fashion brand Dior for that.

Girls around the world latched on to the British actor thanks to his alter ego -- "Twilight" vampire heartthrob Edward Cullen, a clean-cut dreamboat of a bloodthirsty, undead man. And, well, RPattz, a lovably scruffy actor, appears to be resurrecting that image in the Dior Homme fragrance campaign, which debuted abroad (and online) in September. (Dior Homme Eau for Men will go on sale in the U.S. in February.)

"I was a brush-your-teeth-and-have-a-shower kind of guy," Pattinson, 27, told the Wall Street Journal. "I can't tell if it's because of my association with Dior or because I'm older, but I've started moisturizing. It's been a quite profound change in my life."

He's still got that self-deprecating charm, though. That hasn't gone anywhere.

"I like trying to do ambitious things," he said of teaming up with "violent and visceral" director Romain Gavras. Gavras directed the short film for Dio, which featured a brooding Pattinson reveling in what we believe to be the ultimate Dior-man lifestyle.

"That's what got me really enthusiastic about the campaign, that [Dior] wasn't shying away from anything," he said.

The campaign will make its official debut with American audience in February, when the ad airs during the Olympics, the WSJ said.

"This year, I'm trying to see what my niche is," the actor said.

And perhaps that has something to do with the aftermath of his breakup with "Twilight" costar Kristen Stewart? Pattinson recently unloaded his spacious Los Feliz home on "The Big Bang Theory" star Jim Parsons for $6.375 million, according to Hot Property. He listed the home in October 2013, several months after his May 2013 split with Stewart, with whom he shared the love nest.

In 2014, we'll see the result of his reteaming with "Cosmopolis" director David Cronenberg for "Maps to the Stars," which he described as a "darkly comedic Hollywood satire ghost story."

Pattinson is currently filming Werner Herzog's Gertrude Bell biopic, "Queen of the Desert," and has completed David Michod's drama "The Rover." He's also set to play photojournalist Dennis Stock in Anton Corbijn's "Life."

Monday, 12 October 2015

Kristen Stewart 'Fretting' Over 'On The Road' Red Carpet Appearance, Could Learn From Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana...

Kristen Stewart might want to take a few lessons in overcoming red carpet awkwardness from her fellow A-listers.
The Twilight star is reported to be "fretting" over her forthcoming public appearances for her film On The Road, following her cheating scandal.
The big screen adaptation of Jack Kerouac's novel is due to open the Toronto Film Festival on Thursday 6 September, with Stewart contractually obliged to be there.
But the Daily Mail reports the actress to be having sleepless nights over how fans will greet her, after she cheated on crowd favourite Robert Pattinson. Read more here...
And Stewart has got a bigger task after that, with the publicity juggernaut for the final Twilight film due to begin next month, for which both she and R-Patz will have to appear together at a catalogue of public events.
The estranged pair might want to take a few lessons from another pair of A-listers, forced to share the red carpet after love has died.
zoe saldanda
Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana paired up for the Los Angeles premiere of their filmThe Words, a good six months after they split up, after three months together.
Avatar star Saldana had been absent from the New York and Philadelphia screenings of the film, in which the pair play love's young dream, but she was there for the LA stop and, judging by these pictures, everyone was perfectly happy to be there. Will it be like this when Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson step out for the Twi-hards?

Watch Kristen Stewart & Lily-Rose Depp Talk About The Magic Of Karl Lagerfeld

Homepage photo: @chanelofficial
It’s any fashion girl’s dream to have the chance to meet the elusive Karl Lagerfeld—and considering many will never get the opportunity, who better than his most beloved Chanel darlings to rely on for insider info instead? In a special film created in honor of the design house’s impending Mademoiselle Privé exhibition in London this October, Kristen Stewart, Lily-Rose Depp, Keira Knightley and more speak to Karl’s brilliance while playing dress-up in Chanel. Here, a firsthand account at what makes the designer so special from his crew of muses.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Kristen Stewart’s Happy Sundance Night: Not Missing Robert Pattinson?

Kristen Stewart Parties
Getty, SplashNews


Kristen Stewart - Birthday
Photo: Getty Images
Kristen Stewart is 25! Celebrating her 25th birthday, Stewart has never been in a better place. While Robert Pattinson has moved on with FKA Twigs, Stewart moved on with Alicia Cargile, got used to the spotlight, and took on roles that she loved.
Kristen Stewart is 25! Despite Robert Pattinson's engagement to FKA Twigs, K-Stew is doing better than ever. She's loving her time with Alicia Cargile and just took home a huge César when she won best supporting actress for Clouds of Sils Maria!
In fact, Stewart was the first American actress to ever take home a César. Opening up to The Hollywood Reporter, Stewart explained that it’s always been about doing good work, not being a celebrity.
Kristen StewartSleek and chic! Ditching her signature Converse for loafers, Kristen Stewart upped the ante at the Stella McCartney show in NYC.
Stewart had always been uncomfortable in the spotlight. But she’s learned to adjust recently. “If you think about the source of it all, which is really the big, big, big green monster of cash, there’s just no way that that’s stopping,” Stewart said.
“It’s a new industry – celebrity news is a whole new form of entertainment – and it’s a huge, booming, f-cking money-making industry, so why would it stop?” Stewart continued.
RELATED: Will Robert Pattinson And FKA Twigs Get Married Soon?
“I love what I do and so it’s worth protecting,” Stewart continued. “Hopefully, one day people’s priorities will shift a little bit. Unfortunately, onto somebody else.”
Kristen Stewart - Chanel ShowLooking very sophisticated in Chanel, Kristen Stewart watched the Chanel show in Paris from the front row.
Stewart’s also having a great year in her personal life. While Pattinson is moving on with FKA Twigs, Stewart has been moving on with Cargile. Rumors that Stewart and Cargile are dating have been swirling for months. And the two were most recently seen getting coffee on Wednesday.
Stewart has no bad feelings about Pattinson and FKA Twigs’ engagement. “She has her own life and has moved on,” a source said. “Kristen lives a much more low-key life now and seems happier.”
RELATED: Are Kristen Stewart And Alicia Cargile Getting Serious?
Stewart seems to have finally found peace after her Twilight and Pattinson days. Here are five ways Stewart has grown in recent years.
1. Stewart Got Used To The Spotlight
Kristen Stewart Julianne Moore Hollywood Film AwardsKristen Stewart was actually smiling alongside Julianne Moore at the Hollywood Film Awards. Being around an older female role model seems to have helped K. Stew move on from Robert Pattinson. This comes as Pattinson reportedly plans to move back to England to be closer to new girlfriend FKA Twigs.
During her Twilight days, Kristen Stewart always seemed to hate the spotlight. She always looked really uncomfortable. But Stewart hates that people think she didn’t care. She did care.
Stewart just didn’t know how to handle the spotlight. But Stewart has finally gotten used to the spotlight and seems much more comfortable in the public eye these days.
“I totally have changed, just in the way that I can deal,” Stewart said. “It’s not like they were right, but they weren’t wrong. I don’t think I was conveying myself as easily. I was just totally overwhelmed. The impression just wasn’t as spot on. I’m a little older and I’m more experienced with it. It’s easier to talk to you guys about it. But initially, it was just kind of impossible."
"When you’re put on the spot and you can’t think – it was a ridiculous version of that. It blew up in my face," K-Stew continued. "It’s hilarious that the perception is that I don’t care, because when that was happening, I was like, ‘Oh my god, no one cares more than me!’”
2. Stewart Took On Roles She Loved
Kristen Stewart Julianne Moore Still AliceBoth Kristen Stewart and Julianne Moore are receiving high acclaim for their roles in 'Still Alice.' The two sparkled at a special screening for the film at AFI Fest.
Stewart’s been gaining a lot of critical acclaim for her roles in movies like Still Alice and now Clouds of Sils Maria. And Stewart takes choosing her roles very seriously.
“To commit to the responsibility of bringing a character to life … I know it sounds funny to think about it in those terms, but unless there is just an undeniable urge, an insurmountable … ‘I would have put my whole life on the fact I can play this part’ – it’s not a responsible thing to take the part,” Stewart said. “So it feels like they sort of choose you a little bit.”
3. Stewart Embraced ‘Twilight’
Kristen StewartPlaying a game of 'Ring Around the Nosy' with Jimmy Fallon, Kristen Stewart brought out her fun side on 'The Tonight Show'. Her neon Polo Ralph Lauren sweater and Christian Louboutin heels added a whimsical vibe too.
Stewart may have been uncomfortable with the spotlight, but she has embraced her time working onTwilight. “But the intention is so f-cking pure in a weird way. Anybody who wants to talk sh-t aboutTwilight, I completely get it, but there’s something there that I’m endlessly, and to this day, f-cking proud of. My memory of it felt – still feels – really good,” Stewart said.
4. Stewart Switched Up Her Style
Kristen Stewart and Isabelle Huppert Sheer billowing pants? Sure, if they're by Chanel! Somehow, Kristen Stewart made it all work at the brand's couture show on July 8 during Paris Fashion Week. We were so relieved she ditched her grungy Converse sneaks!
Stewart has been sporting a more edgy and sophisticated style these days. And she’s been more into style and fashion lately. Stewart recently starred in Chanel’s latest eyewear campaign and previously starred in Chanel’s handbag campaign. “Typically I wouldn’t see myself as being the quintessential face of Chanel with the pearls and the classics,” Stewart said.
“But I liked stepping into that role and this suits me a little bit more than past collections because it is very American," she continued. "I can’t use the word bad-as- but there is something about it that is fun … fierce.”
5. Stewart Took Time For Herself
Kristen StewartThere were moments Kristen Stewart actually flashed a smile on the red carpet! Equipped with feathers and sequins, Stewart's Chanel gown took her typical Goth look to the next level. The cherry on top? Her Christian Louboutin heels, of course.
Stewart has been taking more time for herself lately. She's been writing, painting and even directed a music video! “I’m just like painting and really enjoying it,” Stewart explained. “My mom’s a painter. I was just really excited to come off two years of solid work and to use my hands and not just my mind.”
How do you think Kristen Stewart has changed over the years? Let us know your take in the comments section below!